The Geek State Podcast

Star Wars The High Republic, Steven out for Indiana Jones, Apple iPhone spoils movie, Sonic, PS Dreams, Geek Camping and more!

March 3, 2020

Lucasfilm announced a new era in Star Wars storytelling this week with The High Republic. What we know so far about this new publishing adventure including what the Jedi are up to, and who they are going to be up against. Plus our hopes for the upcoming adventure. 

Steven Spielberg is reportedly out as director for Indiana Jones 5. What does this mean for the franchise and our thoughts on the internet's collective freak out over the news. 

Rian Johnson spills on rules Apple places on filmmakers when it comes to the use of iPhones on screen, how will this effect the next time you sit down to watch a mystery movie. 

Plus James gives his review of the Sony Playstation exclusive Dreams, Chris goes on a geek camping trip, Sonic the Hedgehog and more!


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